For Thanksgiving, Phillips-Pereira has paired a silky California Cabernet Sauvignon with American artist Peter G. Pereira’s A View to a Vineyard, a wonderful example of his signature style of melodic hand-drawn lines.

This is a limited edition of 675 bottles. Each label will be hand-signed and -numbered by the artist, making it a highly collectible keepsake gift. Your friends and family will cherish this Wine Sculpture and the memories created around it for years to come. After you have enjoyed the wine with your holiday meal, the bottle with its beautiful label may be displayed as a collector’s item or you may choose to use it as a vase or candle holder.

A portion of the proceeds of this limited-time special offer will be earmarked for the Homeless Dinner Program at Church of the Epiphany in New York City. What better way to give thanks?

Since this series is in high demand, we are offering buyers a unique opportunity to reserve their bottles now for Thanksgiving, for a special introductory price of $80 a bottle.

About the Artwork

Peter G. Pereira created this untitled piece in 1982. It defined his signature style and he would revisit it later, in 2009. When he created this piece he signed it “Pepe”—at the time he was still a young artist and was searching for a name. Little did he know that this would become one of the most sought-after pieces from his early career. The original is 8.5" x 11" in black and white, which he updated in 2009, adding the purple hue, propelling the figure to the forefront. He originally named it a View From a Bridge but when it was selected for the wine label he changed the name to A View to a Vineyard to match the wine. The first-edition lithograph of the piece was blown up to 24" x 30" and sold to collector Cynthia Rockland of New York City. The first edition of this designer wine sculpture was sold to collector James d’Auguste of New York on eBay for $100.

This label is featured on Wine Label World. Please feel free to visit their website and write a review.

About the Wine

This rich and sexy Cabernet Sauvignon, from Domenico Vineyards in California, was selected by sommelier Barbara Phillips of Diplomat Wines in New York City. “This soft and luscious Sauvignon matches the expression of the lively color on the label,” she said. “It shows berry fruit on the nose with a smooth finish, perfect for your holiday table.”

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