Peter G. Pereira

Peter G. Pereira was born in Queens, New York, in 1965. He was called to the arts at a young age and began his own unique journey as a teenager. Pereira is largely self-taught, with extensive private study at the Louvre in Paris, the Tate Museum in London, and the University of Lagos in Nigeria.

During his 20-year career Pereira has had extensive shows in North America and has been recognized as one of the pioneers of computer art and a master of oils and performance art.

His signature style is swirling lines, meticulously hand-drawn, each line representing the soul of the figure. These lines have been compared to the growth rings inside a tree. Each line tells a story of time, present and past.

Peter relaxing after his performance art show Paradox Box at the Saloon stage in Manhattan 2010.
The piece behind him is a silk tapestry of an oil he created called Jazz Dog. Jazz Dog is a protector spirit.

Peter at Carl Schurz Park

Career Highlights

Governor’s Island

Every summer, Peter G. Pereira creates an art installation on historic Governor’s Island in New York City. For this commission, called “Trees of Life,” Pereira wrapped trees in bright pinks, blues and yellows and then used his signature swirling lines to tell the story of the tree from inside out. Each line exposes what we can’t see inside the tree—the cycle of life, the journey of the spirit, and story of a tree that we might have otherwise just walked by unnoticed. The kids love the tactile experience of touching the tree trunk in a whole new way.

Paradox Box performance art show

Peter’s Paradox Box is a live performance art piece that he created in Montreal, Canada, in the mid-1980s. An intriguing combination of live art, original music composed by Pereira, and dance, it was widely reviewed in major newspapers. Recently Pereira performed the Paradox Box at the Saloon stage in Manhattan. It was the first time that performance art hit the Upper East Side of Manhattan, opening up an entire artistic community that was never noticed before.

Watch the Paradox Box on YouTube

Interview on MNN

Peter G. Pereira gave a live interview for the MNN channel in which he talks about the piece he created in memory of the terrible earthquake in Haiti.

Surtex international licensing trade show

The Surtex show is one of the biggest art licensing trade shows in the world, at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. This past year Peter G. Pereira had his own booth, and he created thousands of designs for use in textiles and linens, housewares, posters, and children’s books.

Visual Pictorial of 150 Years of the YMCA of Greater New York

Peter G. Pereira was commissioned by the YMCA of Greater New York to create an original and modern pictorial of 150 years of American history.

Tudor City mural

In 1997 Pereira was commissioned to paint a mural at 5 Tudor City in Manhattan.

“Hydrangean Epiphanies” show at Logos Bookstore on the Upper East Side

Here Pereira unveiled his “surreal abstract painting” technique: a combination of photography, computer art and painting. The pieces were inspired by the flowers in Carl Schurz Park.

Exhibitions of Oils

Peter shows regularly at the Yorkville Creperie Gallery, which has created a real hub for the arts on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Evolution F musical at Hammerstein Ballroom

In the mid-1990s Pereira took a major role in an off-Broadway musical, co-writing and directing a surreal musical called Evolution F. Pereira also directed, choreographed and wrote some of the original score. What put this on the map is that it used an entire cast of women body builders who came to participate from across the world.

“Epiphany Under the Stars” at Church of the Epiphany

Peter G. Pereira donated his time to the church for this special annual event at which Epiphany raises money for its homeless dinner program. Mr. Pereira has been intimately involved in various feeding programs around the city.

Critical Reviews

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